What differentiates your company? Is it a specific market niche, astute underwriting, or medical management? Wouldn’t you like to be able to focus your scarce time, effort, and resources on your differentiators?

You can do that by outsourcing some of your back office administration to HRMP. At HRMP, we specialize in back office administration and offer services such as:

  • Policy development
  • Group underwriting
  • Policy issuance
  • Premium billing and collection
  • Coordination of agent appointments
  • Commission payments
  • 1099s
  • Claim adjudication
  • Claim payment or advice to pay
  • Cash management
  • Monthly and annual reporting

We’ll build a custom package of services for you so that you buy only the services you truly need.

Download the back office administration brochure.
Download the claims services brochure.
Download the captive claims services brochure.
Watch the claim case study video.