August 7, 2018

HRMP President Co-Chairs Self-Insurance Task Force

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HRMP's Jim Mange co-chaired the Self-Insurance Task Force, which was formed to study the role of actuaries and public health. The task force recently published its final report, The Role of the Actuary in Self-Insurance.

HRMP President Jim Mange, FSA, MAAA, recently served as the co-chairman of the Self-Insurance Task Force, which was formed in early 2017 with the goal of explaining the many ways in which actuaries are or could be involved in the self-insured employer health plan marketplace today and in the future. The task force was formed by the Health Section of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) as part of a strategic initiative to educate actuaries about self-insurance.

The task force's final report, The Role of the Actuary in Self-Insurance, was published on the Society of Actuaries website in June 2018. The monograph addresses topics such as the regulation of employee benefit plans, key differences between fully insured and self-insured plans, actuarial support for self-insured plans, the stop-loss insurance marketplace, stop-loss underwriting considerations, and regulatory issues.

Mr. Mange commented, "It has been my honor and privilege to contribute to this initiative. Serving on the Self-Insurance Task Force in the company of a panel of distinguished insurance professionals has been a singular opportunity and one that has yielded important resources. The task force believes that the resulting monograph may provide educational material for both aspiring health actuaries and nonactuarial audiences."


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